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Bulletproof Faith With Adam Davis

Episode Summary

There is a difference between faith and faith when it is tested. That’s how Adam Davis describes his own battle to reclaim the faith he lost afterlife served him one test of his faith after another. The former police officer and hostage negotiator who once contemplated suicide is now an author, speaker, and Director of Outreach for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation headed up by Taya Kyle. He is also a speaker with Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit Bureau, and openly shares his story of childhood abuse, lifetime challenges, his struggle to cope with the evil he witnessed and experienced on the police force, and the moment his faith saved him from suicide.

Episode Notes

Adam Davis is a former law enforcement officer and hostage negotiator. With a personal past packed with pain, and a career that presented a seemingly constant onslaught of death, danger, and tragedy, Adam's faith and will collapsed simultaneously, and he headed into a downward spiral.

Convinced his wife and children were better off without him, Adam was moments away from ending his life when he had an experience that helped him push through his hopelessness and pain, and recommit to life.

Today Adam is the Director of Outreach at the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. He's also an author and a speaker, and uses his experience to help heal marriages in the military, law enforcement and first responder communities.

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