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Amy Lyle - How to Find the Humor in the Everyday Grind

Episode Summary

No matter what kind of day you’re having, odds are there is something funny to be found if you look closely enough. This can be difficult to believe sometimes but more often than not it’s true- if you have the gift of knowing how to view life with an eye for humor. Amy Lyle has that gift and uses it often. It’s what allows her to embrace all of life with grace, even if sometimes it’s a clumsy grace.

Episode Notes

Amy Lyle is an author, comedian, and regular guest on Atlanta and Company.

In this episode, Amy shares her story of how a girl from rural Appalachia is making a place for herself in the world of comedy, and offers valuable insight for others who are ready to chase a dream. 

Listen in as she cracks us up and lifts us up with her infectious laugh and hilarious outlook on life all while reminding us how to find the humor in the everyday grind.

Learn more about Amy Lyle here