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Dana Marlowe Supports The Girls Because Homeless Woman Need Bras Too

Episode Summary

“Homeless women need bras.” Those are the four words that reached past all the pressing issues in Dana Marlowe’s mind and wrapped themselves tightly around her heart. Those four words were the proverbial lightning bolt of clarity some people live their entire lives seeking, but never experience. The Washington Post sniffed out her story in 2015. By then, Dana had organized a team of volunteers and collectively, they’d donated over a thousand bras and 7100 menstrual products to local women. Her organization 'I Support the Girls' was born. 'I Support the Girls' is a testament to the power of one person turning inspiration into action, and inspiring others to do the same. The accidental movement has become a mission, and that mission is growing....rapidly. Listen to Dana Marlowe's full story, subscribe, share it with a friend, and on a social media to help spread the word about her amazing organization.

Episode Notes

Bras and tampons are not our normal topics. This episode, though, shines a spotlight on this basic human necessity and comfort most women take for granted and most men try not to think much about at all.

Dana Marlowe was out on a rare shopping trip when she heard four words that launched her into action. She had no idea so many women in this country and others are faced with no access to basic products for feminine menstrual hygiene, or even something as simple as a bra.

All it took was one look into that world, and she knew she had to do her part to help these women alleviate some stress and restore some dignity to their lives in the midst of troubled times.

Today, Dana's organization I Support the Girls has sent over 2.5 million menstrual products and 500,000 bras to areas decimated by natural disasters, to shelters for homeless women or domestic violence survivors, and where the need is present, that she can meet.

Listen in as this vibrant, dedicated mother, entrepreneur, and advocate shares this little known need, and offers insight into how you can turn your own inspiration into action.

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