American Snippets with Barb Allen and Dave Brown

E019 - The Orphaned Wildlife Center

Episode Summary

Some of this country’s greatest treasures lie in the most unlikely places or within the most unassuming people. Jim and Susan Kowalczik are two such people in one such place, quietly going about their labor of love, reluctantly agreeing to flashes of the spotlight to support their work. Quinn Medina is an eleven-year-old gem who found inspiration from the Kowalcziks and began her own movement to support them. The Orphaned Wildlife Center sits unobtrusively in the small town of Otisville, NY. It’s a tiny town with an easily-missed main street, nestled nicely in the Hudson Valley, rich in scenic areas and home to diverse wildlife. Ideally, the wildlife remains wholly wild, but when accidents happen or overlapping causes issues, other options may be necessary. For the lucky wildlife orphans or accident victims, sanctuary and healing await at the Orphaned Wildlife Center

Episode Notes

The Orphaned Wildlife Center has appeared in news stories and online feeds across the country and around the world.

Videos of their bears have gone viral and hundreds of thousands of people regularly stay up to date on the center’s happenings.

Yet, one young girl has taken this interest a step further and is now an inspiration not only to the people at the center but to other kids across the country.

Listen in to today’s episode to hear how Quinn Medina turned her inspiration into action, and how her example has inspired so many others to do the same.

Along the way, you’ll also hear from the Orphaned Wildlife Center’s founders as they share what it’s like to navigate the world of wildlife rescue, what it’s like to have a real bear hug and the incredible highs and lows that are a part of this work.

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