American Snippets with Barb Allen and Dave Brown

E037 - A Rebel's Dance With Dmitriy Kozlov

Episode Summary

Dmitriy Kozlov was 13 years old and tired of being rejected. For years, this young immigrant from Soviet Russia felt the sting of abandonment and rejection from one person after another. Bullied in school, dismissed by teachers, without a father in his life and unable to lean on his ever-busy single mother for emotional support, young Dmitriy gave in to his anger and began a dance with rebellion, swaying with that dance through dangerous times, self-discovery, and ultimately on to a new stage of success. Desperate to belong somewhere – anywhere – Dmitriy joined a gang. For a while, he felt like he was part of a community, albeit a dangerous one. “They got me into a lot of trouble,” says Dmitriy, “but they gave me a sense of belonging.” That sense of belonging didn’t last long. One day, his own gang turned on him, leaving young Dmitriy close to death. When authorities ignored his pleas for help, Dmitriy realized no one believed he was worthy of much. The realization ignited something within him. Turning his pain into purpose, Dmitriy focused on proving everyone wrong about him.

Episode Notes

After leaving Soviet Russia and moving to America at just 7 years old, Dmitriy Kozlov was stuck in the middle ground of greatness and self-destruction. His initial wonder at the enormous blessings this country has were turned to massive disappointment as he endured childhood bullying he resolved by joining a gang.

When that escape nearly killed him and the rest of the world seemed to have given up on him, Dmitriy Kozlov turned his rebellious nature toward turning his life around and proving everyone who believed he'd fail, wrong.

Today, Dmitriy is a successful entrepreneur who is impacting countless others through his mission to enhance the world around him. On today's episode, Dmitriy Kozlov shares his incredible story of struggle, self-discovery, and triumph, and at 29 years old, he's just getting started.

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