American Snippets with Barb Allen and Dave Brown

E039 - Paul Steklenski's Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Episode Summary

Flying Fur Animal Rescue. Army vet buys a plane to save hundreds of dogs from death row. Paul Steklenski says his purpose found him when he got his pilot's license, and then learned of the great lengths people go to, to transport animals in need of rescue.

Episode Notes

Each day in America, thousands of dedicated animal rescue professionals work tirelessly to find homes for lost, abandoned, abused, and desperate animals. Sometimes the difference between life and death for these animals is a matter of miles. Relocating them from areas in the south, with an enormous overpopulation of shelter animals, or from overcrowded city shelters, to various rescue organizations offering foster homes and new families is their only shot at survival. This is where today's guest, Paul Steklenski, steps in.

Paul is an Army veteran who is on a new mission to transport as many dogs and cats as he can from the high kill shelters in the south, to new lives in the north. Since he founded his non-profit, Flying Fur Animal Rescue, in 2015, he's personally flown almost 1,000 animals into new lives, and he's just getting started.

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