American Snippets with Barb Allen and Dave Brown

E054: Dave Bray USA - Music On A Mission

Episode Summary

Dave Bray is a veteran of the United States Navy, who is on a new mission to move audiences everywhere with his music. His story is one of service, humility, and patriotism.  Dave Bray USA is a husband and a proud dad of two sons. He brings his love of family, love for his country, and love of music all together in patriotic concerts that remind us all of the beauty still present in this country. Listen in as Dave shares his lessons learned from service and finding his new purpose behind his military service. If you enjoyed this episode, check out the featured article, video, and more at 

Episode Notes

Dave Bray is on a new mission to spread patriotism and American unity across this country.

His blend of faith-based patriotic rock reaches deep into the soul of audiences across the country in his live performances, and is now available on his new album.

Aching loss and immense sacrifice of military, first responders, and law enforcement all spill through in the haunting lyrics and sounds of Dave’s song, Last Call. Faith and hope pour out in his version of Amazing Grace, and every song on this album is woven between Dave’s narration of God, country, and restoring and teaching respect to the next generation.

In today’s landscape of divisiveness and carefully orchestrated mayhem, Dave Bray’s patriotic rock is his way of tending to the spiritual and emotional wounds of this country. He is steadfast in his commitment to this mission, which allowed him to persevere through the challenges attached to fulfilling it.

Dave always loved music. He’d indulged this love and nurtured his natural talent for this craft with his young high school band, and carried his guitar with him into the military. Music helped ground him during his military career. During his service, he honed his songwriting skills and taught himself how to create audio tracks.

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