American Snippets with Barb Allen and Dave Brown

E055: Dr. Dave Ores's Fresh Start for Criminal Offenders and Human Traffic Victims

Episode Summary

Once labeled the “Badass Doctor of the Year” by Forbes magazine, Dr. Dave Ores is leading the charge in the battle to reduce criminal recidivism and help victims become survivors by providing them with free removal of those tattoos. For the formerly incarcerated gang members, Dr. Dave and his network of providers remove tattoos from the hands, face, and neck at no charge. For the survivors, there is no limit on the location of the tattoo. As a full-fledged member of the tattoo culture, Dr. Dave has an array of tattoos over his body, skillfully concealed with proper business attire when he’s working, and proudly displayed when he’s not. He knows all too well that society as a whole tends to have its own misguided perception of any tattoo, let alone an entire spider web covering a face. A tattoo on the face, in particular, changes employment opportunities, he says. Ditto for any tattoos visible on the hands or neck. Today Dr. Dave has a network of providers in different parts of this country and other countries who provide free tattoo removals, but the waiting list is thousands deep. [Read the full article, watch the video, and more here][1] [1]:

Episode Notes

Dr. Dave Ores is a disruptor by nature, and he's turning that tendency toward helping people most of society forgets about.

The outspoken General Practitioner from New York City is leading the effort to provide a small but invaluable service to young survivors of human trafficking as well as people who have found the strength to put criminal pasts behind them, so they can make a fresh start.

Dr. Dave is a great example of how one person can make a huge difference in thousands of lives, simply by doing what they do best. Listen in to hear what this service is, and how you can help.

Read the full article, watch the video, and more here