American Snippets with Barb Allen and Dave Brown

E056: David Meadows: Harness Your Strengths And Follow Your Purpose

Episode Summary

From the coal town of Wheeling, West Virginia, to the hostile terrain of Afghanistan, and all the way into Hollywood, David Meadows follows his purpose wherever it takes him. David's story of staying true to your own path regardless of what others say or how many challenges you face has valuable lessons for anyone striving to maximize their own potential. He first followed his drive to serve by becoming a Navy SEAL. Several reconnaissance deployments with the infamous SEAL Team 6 brought him eye-to-eye with the worst of humanity while opening his eyes to the most vulnerable of humanity. Now he's harnessing his strengths again and following his new purpose in the acting industry. From classical acting to blockbuster hits, his star is on the rise. 

Episode Notes

Question: What do you get when you cross patriotism with selflessness, layer in some Shakespeare, and pile on the talent and snark?

Answer: David Meadows

David Meadows is quick to point out that he’s not sure he would have joined the military after 9/11, but one gets the sense he would still have been first in line. As it was, David had been in the Navy for about a year before that tragic day. He’d fallen short of passing SEAL training once but returned after 9/11.

This time he left with a trident.

More interested in intelligence gathering and “stalking,” as he jokes, than in door-kicking and room-clearing, David ultimately wound up doing reconnaissance work with the infamous SEAL Team 6. He then became well-acquainted with Afghanistan.

In his line of work, David didn’t often have the opportunity to interact with the locals. Given the fact that the ones he did interact with were typically trying to kill him, he simply wrote the entire society off, assuming they all hated Americans.

It was very easy to disassociate yourself,” he says. But that mindset changed on one mission.

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