American Snippets with Barb Allen and Dave Brown

E080: An Interview with Robert O'Neill, the Man Who Shot Bin Laden

Episode Summary

The death of Osama bin Laden is one of the most talked about events after 9/11. There is a movie about that night, and it’s talked about in schools today. It’s easy to remember the headlines and celebrate a historic victory. But while that night ended one chapter of history, it also changed the life of Rob O'Neill, the man who fired those three shots that were heard around the world. Robert O’Neill is the boy from Butte, Montana, who couldn’t swim. Few people thought he had any shot at being accepted into BUDS – Rob included. But there’s something about a person who is willing to push himself beyond any limits he once believed he could endure. That person cannot be dissuaded from any goal. That person will take the pain and channel it into a purpose that will get him through one moment, into the next, and then do it all over again. Robert O’Neill is one such person.

Episode Notes

Robert O’Neill is one of the most decorated combat veterans of our generation. He is a former Navy SEAL, speaker, and the author of The New York Times best-selling memoir, "The Operator: Firing the Shots That Killed Osama bin Laden" and "My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior"

Few Americans are unfamiliar with the story of killing Osama Bin Laden. What most people don’t know, though, is the real-life story of the man who fired those three shots.

We were grateful to have Robert O'Neill on a Facebook LIVE for an interview and the only thing better than interviewing Robert O'Neill is interviewing Rob with his brother Tom. In between the jokes and the sarcastic comments, Robert shared his thoughts on the power of a positive mindset, the challenges faced by veterans and the value they bring to the workforce.

Oh, yeah - we also talked with Robert O'Neill about rescuing Captain Phillips and shooting Bin Laden.

Robert's brother Tom jumped right in and shared childhood stories, memories of visiting his brother, and some family jokes. Both O'Neills have their own opinions on the viability of the American Dream today, and they shared that, too, in this episode of American Snippets.

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