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Get Off The X With Jason Redman

Episode Summary

Jason Redman didn't intend to inspire people with the note outside his hospital room, but he accidentally inspired thousands of people across the country. The note Jason Redman wrote warned anyone entering his room that pity had no place inside. It reminded others that his life-threatening injuries had been inflicted in service of his country and that he fully intended to push himself to the utmost recovery. It was meant to protect himself from those who impeded his resiliency with pity. It turned into a message heard around the country that’s still inspiring others today. Jason has come a long way since he earned his Navy SEAL Trident. His story is one of struggle, triumph, downfall, and redemption - all before he nearly died in Iraq.

Episode Notes

Jason Redman had the potential to be a strong leader, but his ego had other ideas. The promising Navy SEAL was admittedly slow in learning the nuances of leadership, and found himself disgraced and ready to walk away from the career he loved. But with the mentorship of someone he respected, Jason gave it one more try and painfully rebuilt his career and his reputation. He'd barely settled back into his second shot at the SEALS when he suffered life threatening injuries in combat, and faced the biggest struggle of his life.

With his wife supporting him and his newfound mindset to overcome adversity, Jason not only made an extraordinary recovery, he went on to become an author, speaker, and advocate inspiring and helping people all over the country. Listen in as Jason shares his story of overcoming life's ambushes.

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