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How to Rise From the Ashes with Jason Schechterle

Episode Summary

Some people may think Jason Schechterle is the unluckiest person alive. At first blush it’s easy to understand why; It took a series of random events, right down to the split second, to place him in that police cruiser, in that intersection, at that moment. Those random events put him directly in the path of the taxi driver who was in the midst of another of his regular grand mal seizures. The taxi he was driving rocketed through the 40 mph speed zone at a breakneck speed of 115 mph. Jason made dozens of big decisions and extraordinary efforts in life to be wearing that blue uniform, patrolling the streets doing a job he loved. He’d made several seemingly inconsequential decisions that night that put him right there right then, in a vehicle designed by a company that knew it behaved more like a crematorium than a car under certain circumstances – circumstances exactly like the ones that had already killed people all over the country, and should have killed Jason that night.

Episode Notes

Jason Schechterle knew he wanted to be a police officer just like his brother. If he'd given up when he failed the first two times, he would never have lived his dream. If he'd walked away from his dream when it cost him his home he would have regretted it forever - even when it almost killed him.

Jason was burned alive when his police cruiser exploded in flames. First people thought he was dead. Then they believed he would die any minute, and then they prayed he would die, to avoid the immense pain he would be in.

But Jason not only lived, he rose from his hospital bed, forever changed but stronger for his pain. Today he is inspiring people all over the world with his story and his message, "The full strength of the human spirit often lies in hiding until presented with something monumental."

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