American Snippets with Barb Allen and Dave Brown

Retired SWAT Officer Patricia Knudson Talks About Turning Pain into Purpose

Episode Summary

Patricia Knudson was 32 years old the day she started at the Phoenix Police Academy. She was surrounded by men who were younger than her. But instead of feeling intimidated, Trish dug in with confidence. She knew she was physically fit enough to hold her own and never backed down in the field of competition. Trish loved being a police officer. She never felt uncomfortable in the male-dominated field as a female rookie. Instead she slipped right in to the camaraderie of the police force. It was everything she could have hoped for and more – until tragedy struck.

Episode Notes

Patricia Knudson broke through age and gender barriers to earn the Point Position on a Phoenix SWAT Team. She was living her dream in one of the most dangerous jobs out there until the day she was shot on duty.

Having overcome trauma and challenges from the time she was a little girl, Trish tapped into her hard-earned resiliency skills to rebuild her life yet again, when she could no longer continue in the career she loved.

Trish's story is not only compelling, but it also offers lessons and insight for anyone feeling overwhelmed with pain, grief, and odds that are stacked against you.

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