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How to build a business within a marriage, with Amanda Baity of Semper K9

Episode Summary

With small children to care for, Chris and Amanda agreed to take the leap and squeeze their savings until they were dry, in order to build and grow Semper K9. When those savings ran out, the couple refused to let a notion of pride prevent them from completing their mission, and accepted public assistance until they began generating an income from their work. Instead of collapsing under the weight of their finances, a massive workload and parenting duties, they focused on the important example they are setting for their children. Word of their good work reached the ears of Mike Rowe’s team, who featured the Baity’s on the “Soldier Dogs” episode of Returning the Favor and helped move their mission forward by building a training pavilion on the Baity’s 33 acres of land being molded into Semper K9’s future facilities. Five years into their journey, the Baity’s have placed about 42 rescued and fully trained dogs with veterans and their families. Those moments are what makes it all worthwhile to Amanda and Chris.

Episode Notes

It's easy to have a dream but it takes true grit to turn that dream into a reality. Most people who take the leap give up on it when they hit true challenges. But when you believe so much in your dream that you are willing to endure and overcome those struggles, you can indeed make that dream come true.

Amanda and Christopher Baity are excellent examples of this.

Christoper is a Marine Corps veteran who knew he was meant to continue his work with canines. He and Amanda went all-in on the dream to establish a non-profit offering trained canine companions to veterans. Even when times got tough, the Baitys endured temporary time on public assistance as they grew their family and their dream.

Today Semper K9 assists dozens of veterans by rescuing dogs and training them to be service dogs.

Listen in as Amanda Baity shares their story of turning their dream into a reality, and the insight she offers others seeking to do the same.

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